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Policies of Leader of the Pack Canine Center

To keep the center running smoothly & safely for all, we have instituted some policies that we hope will help achieve this goal
All clients should wear safe, supportive, athletic type shoes. Footwear such as flip flops, sandals or barefeet are unsuitable for dog training.  Keep your dogs at a safe (normal) weight especially for active sports such as agility.

Make sure your dog has had vaccinations current to your veterinarian’s recommendations including Rabies.  If your dog has been ill or exhibiting symptoms such as coughing or trying to dislodge something from his throat, please keep him at home. These are symptoms of Kennel Cough (Bordetella) and it is HIGHLY contagious.  Please let us know if your dog has a depressed immune system, has been exposed to an illness or needs special care. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.  Dogs must have proof of Rabies vacination for Issues and Options class

All students & instructors are required to clean up after their dogs. Scoopers, Mops, Bleach and waste disposal are available on site.

Although some classes have a specific starting & ending date such as beginning agility, therapy dog, canine good citizen and service dog, most of our classes are ongoing giving our students more freedom in scheduling. When you purchase an 8 week block of classes, you have 6 months to use those classes without forfeiting. If there is more than 1 of this class scheduled during the week, you may alternate between classes at will.

As we are a small business and try to offer our clients the best possible value, we are unable to give refunds for unused classes. We do, however, offer a grant program. If you are unable to attend your still valid classes, you may choose to donate them to someone in the county who has a need but is financially unable to pay for classes. The recipient of your unused classes will receive a card indicating, “their lessons were donated by you specifically or an anonymous donor.”



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